Me & Design

I am an Industrial design master student with an interested in system & design thinking. In my process I focus primarily on turning novel ideas in to a working concept to a product or service. 

Creating an exceptional product or service starts by looking at the system as whole for me. From here it is important to have an iterative process with a lot of prototyping & testing while keeping in mind the business side. 

Furthermore I believe that design can help our world to be better, I personally hope that my work in the medical field and in my recent new interested in renewables can support this.  

Me & Design

My process is as following:

Process Design Thinking.png


Me & teamwork

Creating Synergy is central form in in teamwork, meaning of synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. To reach this I belief it is key to work with an interdisciplinary team with an open, honest and direct attitude. Such a team will create designs that breathe success. Building and working with such a team drives me forward beyond pre-conceived boundaries.

Me & Skill