Service design | STRATEGY consulting 


Sky-Futures provides Unmanned Aerial Vehicle inspection services to the Oil and Gas industry, which is a safer,faster and cheaper alternative to traditional inspection methods. 


The services that Sky-Futures provide are also applicable in many other industries. We developed a new service that will allow Sky-Futures to expand its business into new markets. The new service, Skylink, plays to the strengths of the Sky-Future brand without the risk of compromising core values to the Oil and Gas sector such as safety and reliability. The service provides Sky-Future with a scalable concept that will allow it to enter new inspection markets.


For this project we worked as a multidisciplinary team of five experienced master students from the industrial design faculty.  As a team, we used a wide spectrum of techniques, ranging from creative sessions and in depth interviews to service design techniques such as customer journeys. 

Skill | Role

The most important skill for this project was service design techniques. Furthermore for all of us this was our first Business to Business project in the conservative Oil & Gas sector. We need to learn quickly and in-depth about this sector. Furthermore we performed in-depth interviews on multiple occasions.