Sky-Futures is an innovative company that provides Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspection services to the Oil and Gas industry. At the moment, because it is much safer, faster and cheaper, this is already a step-change form the traditional way of inspecting by abseiling down the offshore platform or ‘rope access’.



We proposed to Sky-Futures that similar benefits can also be brought to many other industries. For this, we created a new service to expand Sky-Futures’ business. Skylink is positioned as a new brand that leverages the strength of the Sky-Futures brand, without risk of diluting it for the Oil & Gas sector.  The Skylink service concept vastly increases the scalability of Sky-Futures’ technology and operational best practices,giving it the possibility to move into other inspection markets while still being a nimble, focused and cost effective company.



For this project we worked as a multidisciplinary team of five experienced master students from the industrial design faculty.  As a team, we used a wide spectrum of techniques, ranging from creative sessions andin depth interviews to service design techniques such as costumer journeys. 


Repeat the process for the other blocks

Skill used

The most important skill for this project was service design techniques. Furthermore for all of us this was our first Business to Business project in the difficult sector of Oil & Gas. We need to learn quickly and in-depth about this sector. Furthermore we performed in-depth interviews on multiple occasions.